Have a good heart

A good heart is something we all have, some people choose to hide that good heart out of fear, rejection and hurt. 


Yes, it’s hard to believe that some of the most cold-hearted people have a soft spot and a big heart. We all do, but because of our different experiences and personalities and even our emotional strength, hiding that good heart and vulnerability makes us feel less emotional and detached us from being hurt in some way. 

We are human and unfortunately it means that we feel. Whether it is happiness, fear, depression, betrayal, we are emotional beings and there is no way that you can run from that unless you are a man-made robot. That is why us humans put up a wall or several walls to exclude ourselves from as much drama and hurt. 

As humans we have had various relationships with different people and there was a different emotional attachment to all of them. Whether it was a friendly, romantic or work-related relationship, there was always a sense of attachment or emotions involved. 

Yes, and with those relationships comes restrictions comes responsibility. Allowing someone into your comfort zone, your space and your heart is quite a big step. Of course that would mean that you trust those people and have a certain amount of attachment to them for you to allow them in.  

And, as you might know… Not all people and “family” or “friends” have good intentions, unfortunately. 

For example, I don’t sit with family when we have gatherings at all. I would greet everyone answer “questions” and find my space in the house or go to some friends to unwind. 

That is not because I don’t like them, or that I don’t love them, no not at all.  

The reason for that would be that I am basically the only 21 year old and that means that  my mindset is way different to theirs , yes I am a young adult but not old enough to sit with older adults talking about “those days”, you know. 

So the point here is that people all around us might have different personalities and manner of acting and reacting that will make us think a certain way about them. Yes, we are brought up differently and different experiences.

Remember that you grow on your own time and that you are different to the next person but what you have in common with the next person is a good heart.

Have a great weekend everyone. b99994de23e10bbed2b6c8f1132bc6af

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The Uncertainties During COVID-19

Since the start of the Pandemic, life as we know it has been changed dramatically. We are in a state of crisis as we isolate ourselves from the world and all the freedom we had before. Stuck in our homes, away from everything and everyone we were once close with.

Apart from all the above-mentioned we have been put in a finance and economic risk of losing our jobs and our children are forced to stay out of school. Yesterday we were address by our President Cyril Ramaphosa, and he has extended the Lockdown and there were different options that was left after the confirmation.

Some people are showing gratitude to our President for making such a big decision on our behalf and a good one, I might add. He is putting the lives of people as a priority rather than making money or keeping the economy strong. Then you get the ignorant and selfless people that are just plain rude and disrespectful to the rules and regulations that our President has put in place to ensure that we don’t get infected by the virus and die.

Personally, I respect the guidelines set by the President and I salute him for putting our people as his first priority. He is faced with a huge loss of lives and population if he did not extend the current Lockdown that was put into place and to those people that did their part, Thank you. I hope that more and more people will come to realise that the measurements that was put into place is not to make their lives more difficult or to punish them, but to SAVE THEIR LIVES and the lives of the people they love.

This pandemic disrupted our lives yes, it has caused us to make big sacrifices but let’s remember that our lives and our safety is more important than staying relevant, it is more important that having the luxury and living your best live. Use this time to think about how you used to go about life without realising what you are doing to yourself, to your family and to your future. Realise that you don’t live for your job, neither do you live for your family and friends, NO!

You live because God granted you life when he dies for our sins, he took the hit for us, so that we can live on and prosper. He sacrificed his life so that we could see that there is much more than what the world has to offer and that his Father, God can take it away in the blink of an eye.

If I could give you advice, during this lockdown open up your bible and read whatever verse you lay your eyes on. Continue to stay on your knees and thank the Lord that you have not yet been infected and talk to him. There is one person that will never judge you and that is your God, he is there to listen and guide you on the path that he had planned out for you.

In essence, I would like to just say that everyone that is reading this stay safe and consider the health of others too. I pray that you, your family and friends will be safe too. Remember to respect the wishes and measurements set in place by our President and to stay on your knees and ask the Lord to give your grace.

Let me leave you with this verse:
“Trust the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not onto thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy part.”
– Proverbs 3:5,6


Have a good day.

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Why is it that less than half of our children drop out before Matric?

This question has been asked and answered so many times since the beginning of time, yet there has been no evident solutions or successful implementation to this emerging and stagnant crisis!

Every year countless teens, tweens and minors drop out of school and for many reason, not just because of poverty but the lack of motivation, the lack of guidance and so many other reason, that I believe you know of.

I am deeply disrupted and I am not the only one, helpless at the fact that so many children are deprived from education. This crisis, yes has been a burning conversation in our daily lives and happens under our noses and we don’t feel the need to address it.

Why?, because it’s not our child, its not our problem? I’d say, it is your problem and if you know that there is something you can so, why not help? Countless of minors are in need of help and 70% of the time their families can not support their hopes and dreams.

South Africa has achieved so much since 1994, losses and gained many astonishing achievement, especially in 2020. Miss South Africa, Miss Universe, Rugby World Cup there is so much to celebrate. South African has so much more potential and it can only get better from here onwards.

“What if”, just maybe imagine,  our nation coming together as one, supporting each other, standing up for rights and fighting against things such as poverty, unemployment, economical exclusion, politics, corruption. With full support from our justice system, and our Government.

But what can we do? We say that we are just humans and we can not change the world. Out there, somewhere in the world or maybe just next door to you, a child or matriculant is struggling to apply for a bursary and you have been throught that proceed. You can able to assist, all you have to do is reach out.

With that one gesture you can change a childs live to make his dream into a reality and just maybe save him from beign one of the umemployment statistcs.

Have a great for your fellow South African.

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A Tired Soul…

We all have our days when you feel like you just had enough disappointments and you have been trying so hard to accomplish certain things in your life, whether is work-related, family-related or personally.

You just really feel like giving up because you have put your heart and soul and work hard to accomplish something, and it’s just not working out.



We often ask ourselves the question whether things will ever be okay? Why is all of this happening to me? What does all of this disappointment even mean? And it’s normal to ask these questions, it’s normal to have doubt. We all have our off days where our faith is a bit disturbed and we start questioning our life, our purpose and just everything that is happening in our lives or around us.

But we forget to “remember” that we are never alone, we forget that there is an infinite power that is infinity times better and is free!

We forget to let GOD in, into our lives, into our hearts and into our mind and allow him to guide us and make us see that he will never let us suffer or struggle for nothing. He knows before we even think about what we need, he has a purpose for everything.

Sometimes we are too hasty, we don’t wait on GOD to show us the way, but we would rather create our own path and get burnt along the way and question the failure and disappointment.

Make space for GOD, believe me and others with greater stories to tell, that allowing God into your space and relying on HIM for peace, was only beneficial. Make time to go on your knees and ask him to guide you, make the needed sacrifices. You will feed of the fruit at the end of the day.

As dark as a problem, hurt, disappointment may be, GOD his light shines brighter than life itself.

And with that note, let invite all people to the circle of GOD. Don’t be afraid to share this news with others, some these words may touch a soul. I hope it did yours!




It was never about the material things in life…

Sometimes we just want to be enough and be acknowledged for being a good and caring person. 

We can go around not caring about the next person, live our lives just for ourselves and not care about if your family or friends are okay. We are good-hearted people naturally and we care for the people around us, about their mental, physical and emotional state and it doesn’t matter who you are. We are just caring souls.

Helping hands

Now, you don’t want anything in return, yet people don’t acknowledge you and see the good you are trying to bring into their lives. How you are trying to be there for them, even if you are just asking “How are you?”, acknowledge that. Stop thinking that caring for another concern giving material stuff and helping monetarily, it’s not always like that people?!

It hard when you see that someone is hurting and being the person that you are, you will try and comfort them, in the best way that you can. Try and make them see that their problems and hurt are just a gateway to bigger, better and greater things.

Its not wrong to try and motivate someone else even if its a stranger. You are not weird, you have a good heart. And many may not appreciate it but I believe that if you can touch one person’s heart and save them from depression or just make them smile, you should see that as you reward.

People may not always appreciate your good heart, but do it anyway. You are ultimately the better person.

You are amazing!

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Living a healthy lifestyle by starting to believe in yourself.

We as humans tend to see the worst in everything and have multiple fears that we struggle to overcome. We stress we fight, we overthink, and we break ourselves down emotionally, mentally and it leads to physical weakening. This can then heavily impact your lifestyle and weaken your system. It can cause that you fall into a deep depression that will further crush and destroy the beautiful you.
Yes, we are only human, maybe we are supposed to have some sort of insecurity or phobia yet we don’t have to suffer or allow it to have a negative outlook on life or the world and people around us. Having such negativity is draining and it makes life miserable, every day will feel like a drag and later your life will feel worthless to you because you are falling into some sort of depression.
It doesn’t have to be like that, you don’t have to worry or stress yourself because things are not working out as you want to. You don’t have to fear a phobia thinking that it will be the end of you or who you are. And you definitely don’t have to be insecure of anything may it be physical dissatisfaction, situational or circumstantial.
In the end, you are living your life for yourself and you will reap what you sow. So, start believing in yourself, give yourself more credit for the little things you do and smile. Smile like your life depends on it, you will not just look more beautiful, but your smile will enhance your self-esteem to be more positive. Your smile might bring a smile to another unhappy and dysfunctional individual with a fear of life and the fear of not being good enough.
Worry less and wear that smile with confidence. You have made it this far and it wasn’t easy. You have been through so many and it just shows that those fears, insecurities and depression should take a step back because you are more than that.
You are amazing so show those minor setbacks that you got what it takes to get back in the game.



Hang on for a little longer…

Dawn is upon us and a new day begins, yet we are polluted with old hurtful thoughts that is not easy to get rid off.

We get tired of keeping our mind busy to keep out mind from tearing us apart and our tears from spoiling our mask that we pull on a daily. Staying strong becomes as painful as walking on broken glass, but we hang in.

Hold on a little longer, you will find your light and it will shine as bright as the Sun during the day and the stars and moon at night. In the end everything, all the pain and trouble will be worth the fight and sleepless nights.


And staying strong is not easy I know and it makes give up seem so easy. Getting rid of the pain is all you want to do but you are the type of person that does not only consider yourself but the people you love and keep close to you. And you tend to always try to make it easy on other because you know how it feels and you would rather spare other from experiencing pain like that.

It is natural, its okay. You are not as weird as you think, you are not being crazy, everything but.

You are being considered and that is a traits that the minority in this world has because the Generation Z (new generation) is all about being selfish and thinking solo, making it in the world and making it happen  for themselves. Being completely in opposite of you.

Don’t feel that you need to fit in, you are a unique beautiful “souled” individuals that is one of the little humble hearted and don’t change yourself. Not to make people see your good heart or to fit in.

If they can’t love you when you are on your lowest, they don’t deserve you on your best.



“Gender Inequalities and harassment”… by Percy Mabandu assisted by Gwen Ansell with special guest Nicky Schirre.

The topic was not just engaging but indeed interesting especially when the topic was opened to the floor by the Business Day jazz columnist Gwen Ansell.

The Arts Journalism is led by a panel of experts within the field of journalism, photography, literature and media respectively. The gathering focuses on sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions in the form of a robust debate within the confines of intellectual discourse.

The topic of this year’s Arts Journalism Public Debate discussed jazz and gender, and it had the audience on the edges of their seats to not just to hear but give their personal opinions on the topic on hands.

This topic held power within the audience, as question were requested within second’s hands went up to ask. And intellectual questions it was, questions that bowled the panel but they gave very suitable and elaborated answers in return.

I personally was astonished by the guest panellist, Nicky Schrire. She is one of my favourite artist and I personally have a big love for her music and the way she present them. She was very interested to this topic and could not help to jump in and answer questions she thought she could give a good answer to. She really has a passion for the equality for female musicians and artist in the creative industry.

Image result for nicky schrire

The Arts Journalism Public Debate of 2018,is truly one to remember.



The New Master Class “Umculo Wam” made huge waves in Langa and Athlone.

“The Umculo Wam master classes is a mentorship and upliftment programme that aims to give musicians and performers from higher education facilities, the opportunity to interact with mentors and professionals working in the music industry”…

The professionals that ran these classes or rather say the mentors where in Langa were Amanda Black and The Soil. The audience were so thrilled to see these musicians in flesh and didn’t hesitate to pepper them with questions and for demonstrations.

Image result for amanda black

And in the meawhile Mi Casa was getting ready in Athlone to bring “mentorship and upliftment” to the audience that side. The audience was also very shook and mesmerized by their presence. They polished the floor with the demonstration and had the audience going crazy. “It is our pleasure to bring such pleasure to such real people and fans”, Mi Casa.

Image result for micasa

And that was the first and very successful launch of the Umculo Wam Master Classes.


Master classes were doing the most at the CTIJFTnD.


Image result for corinne bailey rae

This is the workshop that has the highest attendance rate out of all the workshops given by the Cape Town International Jazz Festival Training and Development Program. Mostly because it is very intimate and exclusive and has the most famous and upcoming artist and musicians in it.

Within this workshop this year we had amazing artists/musicians that took the stage. They were Miley Mosley, who is a talented upright bass player and who really takes his talent to heart. He is very passionate about the instrument he plays and makes sure that he and his glorified upright bass get the needed exposure and applause it deserves.

The second artist was Vijay Iyer, a pianist that is very subtle and sweet to say the least. He had a different approach than perhaps say Miley Mosley that demonstrated his work and had quite of a hype to his time on stage. Vijay Iyer, mostly informed the audience of his history and how he came about and how he started off in the music industry. He opened the floor for question and elaborate more through his answers.

The most applaud and loved artist was Corinne Bailey Rae, this woman literally brought tears to people’s eyes. His artist talked about her experience and how she fell in love with the guitar and made something beautiful from it. She was very inspirational and has the audience at the edges of their seats every time she took her guitar. Her music, voice and lyrics are truly soul food.

These three artist was the highlight of the Master classes at the Cape Sun Hotel.